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J.P Grant, LT-Governor, Bengal, 1860

I have myself just returned from an excursion to Serajgunge, on the Jamoonah river, where I went... Wholly unconnected with Indigo matters. 

Numerous crowds of Ryots appeared at various places, whose whole prayer was for an order of government, that they should not cultivate Indigo.

On my return a few days afterwards along the same two rivers, from dawn to dusk, as I steamed along these two rivers, for some sixty or seventy miles, both banks were literally lined with crowds of villagers claiming justice in this matter....

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That most magical of colours, the colour of the night sky, of the divine, of power, of war, of death and the underworld, Indigo the maker of fortunes and ruination, the creator of beauty and misery.

The story of Indigo is a story of global trade, of empire,  of power, of slavery , of subjection and rebellion.

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